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CAST "Bobby" - RB Butcher "Renee" - Jasika Nicole "Mother" - D'Arcy Carden "Conversion Therapist" - Patton Oswalt Puppeteers - Kate Katz, Rachel Herrick, Alissa Hunnicut CREW Writer / Director - Carly Usdin Executive Producers - Mathew Shurka, Shannon Minter, Michael Dabbs, Brad Jenkins Producer - Rudy Jansen First Assistant Director - Selina Ruthe Director of Photography - Keitumetse Mokhonwana First Assistant Camera - Briana Monet Second Assistant Camera - Gee Moon Gaffer - Chris Bond Key Grip - Annie Williams Production Manager - Noah Kinsey Production Coordinator - Hope LaVelle Production Designer - Fon Davis Art Director - Kat Roberts Puppet Fabricators - Tim Osteen, Jared Carlson Costume Designer - Lauren St. Laurent Costumers - Claire Max, Kelsey Sissions, Lauren Ramsdell Set Construction - Todd Eric Valcourt Puppet Wranglers - Jeremy Deibo, Alexis Randolph Location Manager - Jimmy Ambrose Stage Manager - Joe Cedillo Production Assistants - Jacob Skoda, Candace Nelson, Juan Pazmino Editor - Carly Usdin Graphic Designer/Animator - Dani Okon Composer - Joanna Katcher Voiceover Recording - Todd Eric Valcourt / The TV Studio Sound Mix by Doug Clarke for Vaudeville Sound Head of Post for Vaudeville Sound: Jon Plane Executive Producer for Vaudeville Sound: Annabelle Dunbar-Whittaker Color by Luis Amaya for Apache Head of Production for Apache: Stefanie Schaldenbrand Producer for Apache: Kirsten Harris Producer for Enfranchisement - Elle Kurata Camera Rental - BeCine Filmed at FONCO STUDIOS in Los Angeles, CA
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